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Red Gum Rosin

Red gum rosin is named because of its deep red to dark brown color. Its appearance is transparent, and its softening point, ash content, and ethanol insoluble matter can meet the requirements of the national standard. The chromatographic detection shows that the resin acid content is almost the same as that of normal yelow gum rosin. Only the acid value is slightly lower and the unsaponifiable matter is higher.
Product Description



Transparent Red

Softening Point (R&B) ℃

76 Min

Acidity (KOH mg/g)

164 Min

Unsaponifiable Matter, %

6.0 Max

Ethanol Insolubles, %

0.04 Max

Ash Content, %

0.04 Max


Because of its deep red color, red gum rosin is not as widely used as the gum rosin in yellow. However, in industries that do not have strict color requirements, it can completely replace the yellow gum rosin, such as reclaimed rubber, printing and dyeing, papermaking, colored paint, colored ink, waterproof coating, flux, etc. And because of its lower price, red rosin rcan be mixed with yelow rosin in a certain proportion to reduce the cost.


1. 225kg/drum

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