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Pollution Control in the Production Process of Reclaimed rubber (Part 2)

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Selection of main pollution source control methods

1. Exhaust gas and steam from Desulfurization tank and plasticizer machine

These two gases should be condensed first, and the condensed non-condensable steam will be completely destroyed by high temperature oxidation (combustion, thermal oxidation).

Negative pressure suction is adopted for the steam exhaust process of the desulfurization tank to reduce the residual steam at the opening.

The condensate produced by condensation can be directly reused or reused after purification, discharged up to standard after purification, and comprehensively utilized.

2. Unorganized waste gas

For low-concentration unorganized waste gas such as rubber mill flue gas, reliable collection measures must first be taken. The production area is closed to reduce the space; there must be enough air volume to ensure the suction capacity and increase the ventilation frequency of the production area.

The treatment method can be: first by washing, dust removal and temperature removal, and then according to different production processes and treatment purposes, different end treatment methods are used for treatment:

Activated carbon adsorption, the activated carbon after adsorption is desorbed and regenerated or replaced directly. The effect is the best, but the operation cost and management are difficult, and it is suitable for environmentally sensitive areas.

Photolysis or plasma, the device is simple, but the efficiency will vary greatly due to different power and manufacturing quality, and the product after treatment is complex, it is best to add a first-stage absorption or adsorption treatment system.

3. Process wastewater

The process condensate in the thermochemical regeneration process of waste rubber is mainly: desulfurization tank exhaust condensate, plasticizer heat release gas condensate, waste gas washing cooling water. These three kinds of water are high-concentration oil-containing organic wastewater, and the treatment methods are as follows:

The condensed water of the desulfurization tank, when the taste is not strict, can be directly added to the tank for reuse in the original state, or reused after purification and degreasing. It is also treated by means of up-to-standard discharge, reuse, and comprehensive treatment after purification.

No group exhaust gas washing cooling water: recycled after degreasing.

Plasticizer heat releases vapor condensate. The amount of water is small, and it is treated by means of purification and discharge, comprehensive utilization and other methods.

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