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Pine Tar Oil

Pine tar oil is a dark brown viscous liquid to semisolid. It works well as rubber softener for rubber and reclaimed rubber with good adhesion. It easy to disperse the carbon ink, and can improve the plasticity of the rubber compound. Pine tar oil is often used to manufacture tires, rubber sheets, conveying belt, hoses, etc.
Product Description


1. Natual plant product, odorless, non-toxic and environmental-friendly, meeting REACH regulation

2. Improve the plasticity and tensile strength of rubber

3. Improve the rubber products’ resistance to cold and coking

4. Viscosity is adjustable, ranging from 100 to over 1300, suitalbe for different rubber products


1. 200kg/iron drum

2. 5-10kg/EVA bag

3. IBC drum

4. Customerized package

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