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Inspection Items of Reclaimed Rubber

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Reclaimed rubber refers to the reusable rubber that is processed by desulfurization and mastication using vulcanized corner waste or waste rubber products in the production of rubber products. Due to the different materials, it can be roughly divided into ordinary reclaimed rubber and special reclaimed rubber.

Ordinary reclaimed rubber refers to reclaimed rubber that is recycled from rubber products with low natural rubber content, such as tire reclaimed rubber and shoe reclaimed rubber.

Special reclaimed rubber refers to reclaimed rubber with special purpose or rubber seed reduction. Commonly used latex reclaimed rubber, butyl reclaimed rubber, ethylene-propylene reclaimed rubber, nitrile reclaimed rubber, etc.

In recent years, special reclaimed rubber such as styrene-butadiene reclaimed rubber and silica gel reclaimed rubber have also appeared in the rubber industry.

The raw material inspection of reclaimed rubber is very important, which will reduce abnormal production process and improve the stability of rubber products.

1. The reclaimed rubber should be uniform in texture and should not contain foreign matter such as coarse particles, metal chips, wood chips, sand particles and fine fibers.

2. The appearance of the reclaimed rubber is neat, and the glue is not pasted;

3. Each batch of recycled rubber should be accompanied by a product qualification certificate and a test report.

Reclaimed rubber detection indicators are as below:

1. Density/(kg/m3)

2. Mooney viscosity ML

3. Mass fraction of acetone extract/%

4. Mass fraction of ash/%

5. Tensile strength/Mpa

6. Elongation at break/%

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